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    I graduated from Falmouth University in Studio Ceramics in 2000.

    I make from porcelain clay because I enjoy its potential for mark making, how it shape shifts in the kiln and forms cracks and for its bone - like unglazed finish

    The figures and the other curiosities I make are the expression of the stories I want to tell and the secrets I keep. They are about the physical space my body occupies and the psychic space my mind inhabits. My work emerges from my imagination, informed by archetypal imagery and by the stories I collect. It speaks of the earth, sea and stars, my ancestors and of our human connection to all beings.

    The Bathers, Goddesses and tall figures celebrate my love of the sea, the shore, earth and the wild and all I encounter there, real or imagined. 

    The Winged figures and Mer-people arrived whilst remembering the stories my grandfather told me of his dreams that he could fly, my dreams are of being under the sea this is where they meet. 

    Human beings have always needed rituals, making Shrines and Altars satisfies this for me. They are made gently from soft rolled slabs of porcelain clay and are tricksy to fire but I enjoy them so I keep making.

    'Healing the Ancestors' is the tentative beginning of new work, expressing ideas that have been forming since the death of my last grandparent and the experience of myself moving up another generation. ’In our blood and in our bones we carry all their songs’ are not intended as a celebration, they are instead an exploration of how we came to be who we are.

    The fabric and lace, I have always used to make marks in the clay come from my grandmothers, many bits have been mine for half a century, some maybe more than a hundred years old. I love their fragility and how I can reproduce and preserve each little bit in porcelain.

    The tiny figures and greeting cards are my ‘drawings in clay’. 

    I have recently begun making again after a long break . I hope my work reflects the joy I feel when making it. 

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